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Our vision is to bring people together and to help them learn and understand new ways of reaching their true potential.

About Concept Math - Free Turtorials on Different Maths Topics

About us ?

Are you having a hard time at school understanding your math? Having difficulty in solving math problems, both classwork and homework? Need a professional online math tutor and homework help?

The most interesting fact is that math is magical easy and simple when it is been understood and more difficult and complex when not been understood.

Majority students are experiencing hard times in understanding the concept behind math and making them to struggling in their academic careers. That is where comes in.  

Our goal is not only to just to help students with their math problems, but also to make students feel confident and be well prepared when they encounter related math issues, enabling them to also pass every math related tests and exams. If you find it hard to handle math and you are in need of an expert to help with all your math, you are at right place!

Why us?

  • We provide a conceptual approach towards math learning by implementing the STEP-BY-STEP problem solving approach.
  • Our solutions are accessible anytime anywhere without stress.  
  • We provide access to all necessary resources needed to solve all math related problems.
  • We provide a comprehensive math help and support which includes purchasing of text books from e-commerce websites.
  • We provide FREE access to the lesson bank which coveres all math for grades 6 to college and for competetive exams.
  • You can get our services at an affordable price.
  • we make students get the concepts,right approach, shortcuts for the math topics.
  • We provide result orientated practice to crack competitive exams with ease.

What we do:

Assignment help and Tutoring for the following:

  • Pre – Algebra
  • Algebra I ,II
  • Calculus (AP & BC)
  • Geometry
  • Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Advanced Trigonometry
  • Middle School Math
  • High School Math
  • Elementary Math and many more……..

Test Preparations for competitive exams:

  • CELP
  • ACT
  • SAT
  • GED
  • COMPASS Math Test
  • PSAT  

Tutorial for Competitive exams:

Tutorial for competitive exams gives the students the opportunity to be tutored by high quality, well trained and qualified instructors in an online classroom environment. We provide Group tutoring sessions for students who want to go for competitive exams. In this class, the instructor virtually coordinates the class of student and review coursework material and other related materials , on a visually shared classroom blackboard where he   discussions and breakdowns of the material are been made in the classroom through conference call. This online class is precisely designed for standard exams. Where there is review prep classes, students studying common mathematics and business coursework, and preparation for actuarial exam.

Advantages of this Tutoring Service.

  • Our curriculums during class sessions are well structured.
  • Easily accessible to students from any location as long as there is access to a computer and internet.
  • We have highly experienced and qualified instructors for our tutorial classes.
  • There is Provision of online classroom peers for students in order to review coursework during off class sessions.

Also, we provide access to a wide range of math textbook and other related materials for students from e-commerce websites.