Types of coins
Equation for solving for "x"
Simultaneous equations
Simultaneous Equations solving
Conic sections and the eccentricity

Introduction to Conic Sections

Learning objectives: This article focuses primarily on prerequisites to understand the conic sections and the real-time applications of conic sections. The following is the brief of supporting concepts and the  features of this article: Locus & Definition of Locus of…

15x+13y=168803,y= 2x+237
Graphing Parabola easy using vertex

Graphing the Quadratic functions.

Learning objectives: This lesson focuses primarily on graphing quadratic functions, and how can vertex of the parabola help in easy parabola graphing.Other supporting topics include quadratic parent function, leading coefficient “a”, and Transformations. The following is the brief of key concepts…

transformations on quadratic functions

Transformations of Quadratic functions .

Learning objectives: This lesson focuses on the transformations of quadratic functions, and how the vertex form of a quadratic helps in understanding the transformation. We will also discuss the supporting topics, which include quadratic parent function, and effect of leading…