Quadratic formula and the Discriminant

Solving the quadratic equation by completing the square method

Contents: This article covers one of the methods used to solve the quadratic functions which is called ” completing the square method”. The following are the key concepts that this article covers in detail. What is a perfects square quadratic? General…

Factoring by grouping

Solving Binomial & Trinomial quadratic equations by factoring

Contents: This article covers in detail, the techniques that can be used for solving quadratic equations by factoring. There can be three types of quadratic functions depending on the number of terms. when coming to factoring the quadratics, there are two…

Sum and product of roots of a quadratic
Quadratic function

Quadratic function definition & Types of Quadratic functions

Contents: This article gives the definition of a quadratic function and explains how to identify a quadratic function, given a polynomial function. Following are the key features of this article. Please do attempt the quiz at the end. Quadratic function definition…